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Mentor Is An Emerging CBSE School In Hadapsar, Pune!!

Top CBSE School In Pune

Mentor International School stands as the Best CBSE School in Hadapsar which is bestowed with Integrated Curriculum & creative artistry that enables your kids to flourish their innate traits. On the off chance that you had been hunting down the Best Schools in Hadapsar Pune, area for your child. Then our parents experience can be counted & hope will be a helpful guide for you.  Nurturing kid’s interest and curiosity alive, we ensure that our perfect learning environment enhance our future generation to accomplish their future goal.

How Mentor Is Counted As Top CBSE schools in Hadapsar !!

This is one of the Top CBSE schools in Hadapsar Pune, which has keen trust in including a scope of integrated curricular and co-curricular aspects. We commit to empower guardians awake about our weekly activities, crucial parenting tips, brain storming puzzles & panchtantra story telling through our latest news letters. As a top-notch CBSE School in Hadapsar, always help for developing versatility in children to frame them for future readiness. Parenting tips that will guide you on the journey of your parenting to ingrain empathy, leadership, gratitude & soft skills among children.

As one of the leading CBSE School in Hadapsar, Our brain storming activities are indispensable & vital for critical thinking. This also prevents mind to get jumbled & avoid confusion. Divergent activities stretch the comprehending skills & eliminate the fear of risk taking.

We are taking care that too much academic pressure should not devoid children to be crowding out of play. Children needs critical social and emotional skills including emotional regulation, perseverance, and empathy. We encourage problem-solving, sustaining attention, planning and directing activities and monitoring performance among children. Sometimes foremost CBSE School in Hadapsar renders exorbitant academics that can squash a childhood, which we protect for child-led inquiry.

As your little bundle of joy takes the first step into a new world, he or she should be remained within proper guidance & safety. We emphasize philosophy that the child will play, learn and grow to imbibe essential life skills through exploration and discovery.

Integrated Technology To Learn Scientifically:

Integrated use of scientifically designed games, toys and technology in our School curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for children. Our significance on the child’s well-being and development, in close coordination with parents, makes Mentor, one of the top notch CBSE School in Hadapsar.

We have developed determination towards awakening a passion for learning and flourishing the requisite set of prejudice, skills and proficiency that enables tiny kids to maximize their potential. They are becoming more positive, responsible and well informed participants in our democratic and rapidly progressing global community.

Emphasizes  Co-curricular Exercises :

With the developing needs and growing burden of the world, we as premium CBSE School in Hadapsar take into account the co-curricular exercises. This activities explore the tiny brains as they appreciate and gain from the end of the week action.

Fun Filled Learning Atmosphere:

With focus on providing a fun-based learning environment trained teachers at Mentor demonstrate warm enthusiasm for the children. Stand out as best CBSE School in Hadapsar, we also possess keen desire to explore & teach creatively to tiny kids.

Proficient Teachers Spread Their Unique Brilliance:

Our up skilled teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced in child development and early education. They not only respects two way communication but also sees you as a partner in your child’s education and development.

State Of Art School Infrastructure:

Usually, every small group boast with a teacher and an assistant to play and interact with the child & believe in activity-based learning. We consider the safety of innocent tiny brains with much care. We design the school infrastructure as per good CBSE School in Hadapsar keeping safety concern into mind. At Footprints, all the centers have vinyl or wooden floors to prevent injuries from falling. The classrooms are decorated with enticing artwork, inspiring writing with invented spelling & motivational stories.

The physical environment of the school are soothing which make every child comfortable. This is inviting them to accommodate a wide variety of needs and emotions. Not only classroom education but we also focus on outdoor education which help kids to explore and learn outside world.

Necessary Life Skills Ingrained Since Inception:

We realize as an emerging CBSE School in Hadapsar, that very rare life-skills can be ingrained too late in life. A wrong communication style breeds resentment and anger in kids at the receiving end and maximizes the chances of talking back. Enrolling your minors in a good CBSE School in Hadapsar,will create a solid establishment for your child’s future and career. Children model their behavior after their parents, family members, friends & peer groups. They should acknowledge the difference between good and bad behavior.

Preparing With Unique Intellect To Confront The Future Battle:

Fieldtrip, robotics, music, dance, sports, art-craft are making our curriculum more enriched. Which encourages tiny kids to enjoy and learn increasing their interest. National & international level competitions and Olympiads make our students more curious and goal driven that encourages for accomplishment.


We at Mentor teaches children about numerous life skills to instill good attributes, behaviors & moral values to fabricate a charming personality in them. Co-curricular activities render a chance to correspond scholarly aptitudes with this present whirling world. Our innovative educational modules encourage kids to learn better social skills, critical thinking and teamwork. All these above facilities & contemporary curriculum emerge Mentor International School as Best School In Hadapsar Pune.



Mentor International School is one of the best CBSE Schools in Pune is also intended to teach students the importance of responsibility, hard work and citizenship. This will instil character in students and reinforce positive behaviour. Our top-notch academic studies help out in developing Liberty, Fraternity and Equality in the minds of students.The educational material and teaching methodology of CBSE board are conducive to the national interests of the country. We offer CBSE curriculum which is more student-friendly & very conducive to a positive environment. Referring to best CBSE schools in Pune we prepare our students to pursue future studies from a centralized institution like an IIT or AIIMS.Most modern academic take standards norms to adopt a group of learning strategy to education. This seems to be a dated approach to learning that continues to hamper our attempts to innovate. The fluency of our world-class curriculum matches the fluidity of relevant modern knowledge demands.

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