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Value Of Social Awareness For Future Generations…

Why Social Awareness Is Important !!

Social awareness is a crucial component of appropriate classroom behavior, which contributes to an environment conducive to learning. This play as an important factor in workforce success for tiny kids who are going to be the future work force. This consists of professionalism, collaboration, communication, and social responsibility. Most of the top 10 CBSE Schools in Hadapsar pune, focus on both social, emotional & physical growth among our future generations.

Our top notch curriculum emphasizes on major events, impact of emerging global trends and their effects on different areas of life. Academic knowledge with sufficient social awareness enables students eradicate misfortune using their wisdom & boost serenity around the globe.

The young kids should aware of social issues like child labor, caste discrimination, dowry system, women abuse & cyber crimes etc. Students prove themselves to be strongly affirmative in setting new social reforms by disseminating social awareness.

What small kids learn in school days at Mentor International School leaves an indelible impact on their personal as well as professional lives. During this initial stage of life we form and reform views on the various aspects of life. As students should learn academic studies along with social issues that plays a crucial role in shaping their behavior.

This is important both for leaders and individuals in society. We at Mentor International School depict societal conditions em-pathetically that modify perceptions of our future adults.

Standing among top 10 CBSE Schools in Hadapsar Pune, Mentor can bring a sense of responsibility towards the nation among youth. India is waiting for such youth who will alter the future. This has a ripple effect — from students to their peers, then to their families, friends and relatives, then the locality.

This will promote growth in all sectors of our nation by creating one of the most powerful and harmonious nations of tomorrow. This will induce the future generation to face social realities with practical knowledge and skill. Social awareness enables students to judge effectively on happening around them & the wrong things in society can’t mislead.

Nation’s progress merely depends upon the products of educated minds — research, awareness, innovation and adaptation. Students have a strong voice and the ability to make themselves heard. Social alertness will make the ultimate difference that can aware the remedy for the prevailing problems.


Empathy is really about acknowledging the emotions of others, being thoughtful and considerate of their feelings.

Children’s competencies associated with being socially aware are:

  • Empathy: understanding the other person’s emotions, needs and concerns.
  • Service: the ability to understand and meet the needs of poor and needy people.

Awareness of social situations means you carefully consider what people require, and plan to communicate with them in a way that is intended to meet their need.

Sensitivity and Diversity:-

As one of the top 10 CBSE Schools in Hadapsar, Mentor improves social awareness through our experience of life. We create opportunities for better work life balance among future adults in long run.

How To Build Social Awareness Among Kids:-

  • By paying close attention to interactions with other people will improve kids listening skills & aid to effective communication.
  • How they respond to external events, such as someone greeting them or asking them to do something.
  • They should learn how to analyze before they answer and give clear answers.
  • If they become good listeners, look for the facts of the situation and then analyze the emotions surrounding it.
  • Children can make to repeat what was said & can be tested how much they remember
  • Referring top 10 CBSE Schools in Hadapsar, we endeavor young minds to notice a person’s tone of voice & choose the most appropriate response.
  • Train how to stay aware of nonverbal cues like how to notice things like facial expressions and body language.
  • Observation skills are basic to social awareness. Their awareness of surroundings can help set the tone of how they approach varying situations.
  • Having a sense of the mood and pace of acquaintance can help kids to persuade the best strategy for maintaining a good balance with peer group.
  • While note-taking might render great value & can reduced unintended, negative repercussions.


As a trusted preceptor, Mentor International school always intense for developing versatility in children to frame them for future readiness. Out of the top 10 CBSE Schools in Hadapsar, we undertake to teach kids how to socially aware & react to different social situations. We also contrive how effectively can modify student’s interactions with people so that they can achieve the best outcomes.





Mentor International School is one of the best CBSE Schools in Pune is also intended to teach students the importance of responsibility, hard work and citizenship. This will instil character in students and reinforce positive behaviour. Our top-notch academic studies help out in developing Liberty, Fraternity and Equality in the minds of students.The educational material and teaching methodology of CBSE board are conducive to the national interests of the country. We offer CBSE curriculum which is more student-friendly & very conducive to a positive environment. Referring to best CBSE schools in Pune we prepare our students to pursue future studies from a centralized institution like an IIT or AIIMS.Most modern academic take standards norms to adopt a group of learning strategy to education. This seems to be a dated approach to learning that continues to hamper our attempts to innovate. The fluency of our world-class curriculum matches the fluidity of relevant modern knowledge demands.

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