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Admissions open for the Academic Year 2024-25 from Playgroup to Class 10th.

Admission Procedure:

  1. As a parent it’s highly important for you to first visit the school campus, where your child will later spend 5-6 hours of the day in the school.
  2. Our counsellor will be glad to tell you everything about our school, the facilities provided, and moreover, she will be happy to answer all the queries that you may have as a parent. We suggest that you bring your child along when you come for admission, because, your child should like the school, he should love coming to school every day.
  3. Once you are thoroughly satisfied you can collect the admission form and prospectus from the school’s office (Admission Processing Fee Rs.1000/- shall be charged for the same.) or you can submit the online admission form.
  4. Duly filled Admission form along with below mentioned documents and school fees needs to be submitted in schools office to confirm your child’s seat.

Admission processing fee Rs. 1000/-

Documents to be submitted along with the Admission Form:

  • 4 Passport size photograph of  the Child
  • Passport size photograph of Father and Mother/ Guardian.
  • Parents ID proof and Address proof.
  • School Leaving Certificate (To be submitted in June 2023).
  • Report Card from the previous school (To be submitted in June 2023)

Age criteria:


Sr.No.ClassEntry Age 
1Play GroupTwo Years
2NurseryThree Years
3KG I4 years
4KG II5 years
5Grade -I6 years
6Grade -II to Grade -9thGrade I to Grade -VIII cleared from a recognized School.


Reference: Govt. of Maharashtra GR regarding minimum age of admission norms

Submission of documents

Frequently asked questions


MENTOR INTERNATIONAL  SCHOOL  has grades from Nursery to Grade 9.

We maintain the 36 children per section ratio till Grade 9. However, from Grade 9 onwards as there will be some electives offered that could be quite popular, there could be more than 36 students per class.


We consider parents as valued partners in the child’s education. Apart from the new admission workshop, parents are required to compulsorily attend the New Parent Orientation Seminar at the beginning of the academic year in June, so that they know exactly what the school will offer over the year.

The school also conducts Parents Teacher Meetings (PTM)  to update parents on the role of parents through parenting modules in every meeting as well as discussing new initiatives and other important processes that parents need to be involved in the school. We also have Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC)  / Reporting Days so that parents are updated about their child’s performance in school.  Apart from PTM & PTC/SLC, parents need to come to school to encourage their children for various events like Sports Day, student performances and exhibitions related to their curriculum.

The parent however is free to seek an appointment from the teacher if there is any issue, which needs to be dealt with immediately.

Homework helps students develop self-reliance and work skills. Typically, the amount of homework increases as the student advances in age and grade levels. However, homework need not necessarily mean written work. It will include reading assignments, preparing for class, collection of material for projects, conducting interviews etc. Details of our homework policy will be made available after the admission.

Mentor International School has implemented the Leader in Me© program. The program aims to develop students who can lead their own lives with responsibility, who can work well with others and who do the right thing even when no one’s watching. Students throughout the school are now exposed to the 7 Habits© of Highly Effective kids©/ teens© so that they can learn these habits from a very young age. The IBO’s Learner Profile attributes© (Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators¸ Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, Reflective) help us make our students international minded, who care for the world around them. Value and character building is at the heart of everything we do. We do not treat this as a separate subject, but as something that each teacher and individual in school must role model, and must teach in their interactions on a day to day basis with the students.

At Mentor, we integrate a wide range of activities within our overall educational programme. The following is a part of the curriculum for children: Visual Arts, Drama, Music, dance and Physical Education.

2. OPERATIONAL AREAS : Transport, Fees, Food, Timings

We have a 10-12 days vacation in Oct-Nov starting 3-5 days before Diwali, a 7-8 days break for Christmas and a 4-6 week break in the summers i.e. starting April-end to mid – June, 4 – 5 teacher-training holidays on working days and about 7-10 public holidays throughout the year.

The school works 5 days a week from Monday – Friday. The timings for the coming academic session (2023-24) are given in the following table. The school timings will change (minor : +/- 15 min or major changes) as per the needs of the students and the school and to adjust different transport routes as per the grades.

PG and Nursery         : 09.15 am to 11.30 am                      

Jr.KG and Sr.kg        : 09.15 am to 12.45 pm                         

 1st Std                        : 09.15 am to 03.00 pm

2ndStd to 8thStd          : 08.00 am to 03.00 pm

Complimentary day-care from 11.30 am to 12:45 pm

(only for children using school transport)

There are specified pickup points. To optimize the route planning, no door to door service is provided. The transportation expense is excluded in the annual fee and is only for the given routes. Transportation may not be provided for a location falling outside of the planned route. If the school offers transportation to such a location, then additional fees will be charged. Please have a look at the bus routes before deciding on admission.

We have a 10-12 days vacation in Oct-Nov starting 3-5 days before Diwali, a 7-8 days break for Christmas and a 4-6 week break in the summers i.e. starting April-end to mid – June, 4 – 5 teacher-training holidays on working days and about 7-10 public holidays throughout the year.

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