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* Subject to approval from Individual banks.




  • GST and other tax / taxes if any applicable, will be charged in addition from Customer of Mentor International School.
  • Payment of all fees shall be as provided in the Agreement and be set off on a daily basis from the customer Payment Amounts being remitted to the Mentor International School.
  • The transaction-processing fee is based on the current level of interchange/clearing house charges/Partner Bank charges. Any additional charges levied by these entities now or any time in future for processing of such transactions or on account of failed transactions etc. will be charged to the customer of Mentor International School in addition to the above mentioned transaction processing fee.
  • Any payments by customer of Mentor International School to the Payment gateway would be made by adding the taxes as per prevalent statutory provisions & after deducting taxes, Payment gateway will transfer the respective amount to Mentor International School on daily basis.


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