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Academic Partner PEARSON

My Pedia aims to transform education delivery in schools associated to CBSE by integrating all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed and scientific manner. ‘My Pedia is not one product. It is a whole-school academic partnership programme that improves students’ cognitive skills by continuously partnering with everyone involved in the learning process: teachers, school leaders, parents, and most importantly – students.’ Created for Pre-Primary to Grade 8, My Pedia aims to improve the way teachers teach and students learn.

At the heart of this programme are teaching plans that bring together the coursebook, application book, digital content and assessments.

Additionally, My Pedia caters to the assessment needs of the school in order to shed continuous insight into the dynamic process of teaching and learning to track the progress of students and suggest necessary remediation thereafter.

The My Pedia ecosystem also involves continuous engagement with the school through the  excellence programme

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