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20 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities Ideas Lists For Kids..!

Why To Plan Outdoor Summer Activities For Children !!

Summer holidays are considered to be the best time for students to explore themselves and their surroundings more as they have no study pressure and mental stress. This also gives them the much required respite from the scorching heat.

For those of children living in metropolitan cities, summer holidays mean watching movies and television series or hanging out with friends or just surfing internet.

Different students have their own different ways of spending their summer holidays. While some visit their grandparents others join summer camps yet others like to stay at home and catch up on their studies.

This is the time when they can spend their days doing whatever they want without any restrictions and pressure of parents or teachers. Most of the students along with their parents or friends prefer to go to some hill station or to their village or for other outings to relax. Watching waterfall at some distances shone like flowing silver in the moonlight. But holidays can also be fun when they are spent staying at home.

Summer vacation is the most awaited time in a student’s life. It is the time to relax and explore the world around them. Kids can spent their summer break with their grandparents. The sweet memories of the summer vacation craved in the mind of children & motivate them to grow with positive attitude.

The scenery and views of all natural places or amusing park mostly beautiful and breathtaking. The outdoor summer activities will provide a learning attitude for kids & gives an opportunity to children knowing more about the outer world. Here Mentor school share some of the outdoor summer activities ideas to parents for best utilization of vacation time.

20 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities Bucket Lists For Kids:-

1.Play A Board Game.

Board games are in existence since the dawn of civilization- they’re entertaining and provide healthy competition. Playing Candyland, chess or Monopoly, depending on age and inclination which build intellectual skills. Playing Board game in the lap of nature improve in cognitive functions & enhances learning capacity and ability.

2. Take Bike Rides For Fun :

Bike rides can help to relieve stress & boost positive mental attitude among kids. Either leave from your own house or drive to biking trails.

3. Go To A Flea Market :- 

The flea was an offline platform to educate parents to make responsible choices and for children to inculcate clean habits. The kids featuring organic & handmade products inspires kids for creativity.

4. Play With Clay.

This manual crafting fortifies the tiny tots to bake their creations & make them permanent .

5. Visit A Local Farmers Market.

Farmer’s market demonstrates an understanding of where real food comes from. And feast on the fruits and veggies of the season. Children understand about freshness & seasonality of produce that why certain foods taste better during certain seasons.

6. Visit The Beach And Collect Shells:-

This simple and fun activity can be a creative outlet for children of all ages.  Set out some paints and shells and let your child dye them as a canvas for their creativity.

7. Join Any Hobby Classes :-

Hobbies take your mind away from the stresses and worries of life. The short time will leave children feeling refreshed and helps in keeping one’s mind healthy and happy. It is no secret that a relaxed mind is more creative than a mind that is stressed.

8. Plant A Garden Of Herbs And Veggies :-

Gardening is a great way to encourage kid’s continual interest in the outdoors and nutrition. This enthusiasm of choosing plants that appeal to your child’s senses by adding plants that look good, taste great, smell nice and feel interesting to the touch. The variety of colorful plants, vine-growing vegetables, unique shapes, & which germinate quickly, excite kids.

9. Visit A Museum You’ve Never Been to :-

Parents wants to impart appreciation of art and culture as a value among their children. It boosts attentiveness to visual detail & cited more details in their analyses of the Artistic Works. The critical thinking will fortify by observing, interpreting & evaluating things.

10. Visit An Amusement Park Or Water Park :-

Kids to relate learning to the real world and to associate learning with fun experiences. Students have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the basics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun and interactive setting.

11. Make Paper Flowers Using Different Colored Tissue Paper :-

Kids can use their growing dexterity to help trim and pull out the tissues to make a whole bouquet of these beautiful flowers. They build their sensory, cognitive and emotional skills.

12. Visit A National Park :-

Children today are more disconnected from their natural and cultural heritage than ever before. Visiting National Park for Kids will build on a child’s innate wonder and curiosity about the natural world.

13. Visit a Near By Swimming Pool :-

Of all the places to get wet, this is the most popular. Take your kids to visit a pool and play toss in the water. Have them dive for objects or float around on noodle.

14. Go to the Movies :-

Find a family movie to see together, one that will incorporate all ages. Getting tickets online, ahead of time, will save time and energy once you get to the theater ! This will make kids feel about the family bonding.

15. Take Picture Of Day And Print Out To Make A End-Of-summer Photo Album :-

For making a fun filled memory kids can collect the clicks of their different summer outing to make a memorable album. A quick and easy way to make a board book using common crafting tools and supplies to make a pretty nice photo album.

16. Have An Outdoor Art Afternoon :-  

Children who play outside are more physically active, which helps prevent obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues.  An outdoor art afternoon engage kids in more imaginative games, interact more and get along better.

17. Make A Bird Feeder :-

Feeding birds can be a fascinating educational activity for all ages. Children can learn more about colorful birds by just observing how they change seasonally.

18. Build Sandcastle:-

Building a sand structure is a great way to bond with family at the beach. They can spend hours in digging, patting and sculpting while drawing massive design in sand.

19. Go On Nature Walk:-

Going on a nature walk or scavenger hunt with your children is an excellent way to inspire a love and appreciation for the natural world. Encourage them to feel the texture of rocks, barks of trees, and dried up leaves. These are science experiences for young inquisitive mind.

20. Visit An Aquarium:-

The creatures of the ocean are beautiful and colourful, and they can provide endless inspiration for children’s imaginations. There is no substitute to seeing them up-close in real life. They will learn about marine animals habitats and behaviours.

Inference :

Summer vacation gives an opportunity to take a break from the routine work & provides a meaningful engagement with children. The idea is to being outside together by offsetting the sedentary lifestyle. Mentor school endure to gather lots of ideas about outdoor summer activities for kids & helps how these enhances learning.



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