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Prepare Your Child For Rainy Season

The rainy season for most people, monsoon is the harbinger of comforting clouds and the cold breeze that sweep away every remnant of heat from the atmosphere. However, with all this pleasantness also comes various health-related risks as well.

Children go berserk when the first rains hit the ground and before you know they will be out on the street, screaming and shouting, and playing around in the rain. You find out about it only when they return home, drenched and sniffling or even sneezing. Children and rain are inseparable, which is why one of the important ways to keeps them safe is to have children’s rain gear in place. And to take care of your child during the rainy season, you have to make your kids “Monsoon Proof” or at least “Monsoon Ready”.

Monsoon and Health

In the rainy season, the humidity levels in the air increase exponentially which creates an ideal atmosphere for germs and bacteria to develop and grow. This is why it’s easy to catch flu or cold if you are not careful.

There are some tips to say healthy this monsoon:

Drinking Safe Water

Drinking water, even if mildly contaminated can cause serious health problems such as jaundice, flu, etc. Thus, it’s important to drink only from trusted sources. When travelling, carry your mineral water bottle instead of drinking from water served at restaurants/eateries.

Avoiding Street Food

The rainy season can often trigger the craving for hot and spicy street food. However, it’s best to avoid eating from local vendors because of the high chances of contamination. We know that waterborne infection like diarrhoea and food poisoning are common during monsoon. We do not know the kind of water they use, to make food outside. It’s better to give him homemade food. Include hot soups and hot milk in his daily diet.

Washing Hands Frequently

It’s a good habit to wash your hands every time you are about to have a meal. However, this practice must be followed more religiously and frequently during the rainy season.

You might take effective care of your child at home, making sure he washes his hands properly. But at school, the same cannot be always ensured. If he plays around during recess and ends up having lunch without washing his hands properly with soap, you are in for a ton of problems, especially in the monsoons. Get him a small sanitizer which he can keep in his bag. Insist on washing hands but let him know that he can quickly clean them with a few drops from the sanitizer as well.

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay

During the rainy season, water may get collected in small pools on the street, lawns, terrace, etc. These spots become the breeding ground for the mosquitoes that carry the risk of many serious diseases like dengue and malaria. Thus, proper measures should be taken such as keeping the windows closed, using mosquito repellents if necessary, etc.

Build Immunity

Monsoon is the season for cold, flu and other airborne and water-borne infections. It’s better to build good immunity by giving foods which are rich in vitamin C and other foods which help to boost their immune system.

Even supplements rich in vitamins can be given. All though it’s always better to take them in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Switching to a healthier Diet

This requires some participation from your child as well. Rather than give him money to eat food outside, give him healthy snacks to keep in his bag instead. Advise him to say away from street food and give him tasty alternatives instead. Keep them with you too, when stepping outside with your kid.

Some of the foods that are extremely good during the rainy season include freshly prepared soups, garlic, buttermilk, etc. Similarly, food items like fizzy drinks, deep-fried snacks, etc should be avoided whenever possible.

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