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Importance of English Medium School

English played a very important role these days. English is also awarded as the second national language in India. As it meets the requirement of the modern world.

In today’s era, there is a strong need for a person knowing English, especially in India. This won’t surprise you but locals are giving respect to the people who can fluently speak English.

This does not mean that we are giving less importance to local languages like Hindi, Marathi, etc. However English is a common medium to communicate between peoples belonging from vibrant culture, distinct religions as well as different nations etc.

When it comes to primary education in India, there has been a huge discussion for a decade’s regarding the best medium for providing education. While many prefer “Hindi” or another regional medium as the best way to give education to children because of the easy understanding of the local language in a particular region.

There is also a large section of the population which thinks English is the best medium of transmission of knowledge and information. As it is accepted worldwide and also tends to develop the personality of a child.

The regional medium can be an effective way of education to some extent but the advantages of English medium school are far too many. Let us discuss some of the advantages of English medium schools:

Start Thinking in English:

English is the most widely spoken language throughout the world. So if the kid gets there primary education in English Medium School, their fluency on the English language is surely going to increase, which will help the kids in the future. Mentor International School encouraged the children to communicate in English both with teachers and friends. This practice will increase their communication skills in the English language.

Benefits of Career Scope:

In future, whichever stream your child wants to pursue, they have to know English. The modern form of education is incomplete without a good knowledge of English.

These days most of the job interviews are taken in English. Every organization wants their candidate to be fluent in English. In fact, in the current scenario, the English language has become the industrial language of India.

This world has become a global village and English has become its global language. Therefore, knowledge of good English, in today’s world is not a power that one possesses but a necessity that every talented individual should master. Mentor International School help your children to reach that position.

Connectivity With The Rest Of The World:

To communicate and be on par with the world, the first language that stands common is English. With English, a student can remain on par with what is happening across the globe. Lack of English knowledge or alone mother tongue does not allow children to progress with the rest of the world.

There are many MNC’s in India they offering huge job opportunities. If you want to see your kid there, then we warn you that English is the primary language speaking over there.

Technologies Can Be Used Only With English Instruction:

Most of the modern technologies are invented, reinvented and modernized in foreign shores. The inventors keep the English language for the instruction manual of the technological gadget so that the gadget can be used worldwide.

Therefore to be updated with the latest technological gadget. Which means getting updated with the latest trend, early knowledgeable English language is an absolute necessity.

Higher Education Emphasizes On The English language:

The main focus of teaching medium in higher secondary as well as in graduation and post-graduation colleges in India. There is no doubt that lecturers also teach in Hindi or other regional languages. However, question design comes in both English and regional language. But most of the classes are taught in English.

Moreover, if a student wants to prepare for international colleges for higher education, English is the only medium in which he/she can survive. Therefore, English medium school becomes very much important here.

The good part of sending your child to English medium school is, they learn both talking and writing in English. To progress in career, both written and spoken English beholds importance. To ensure, your child learns both speaking and writing – send them to Mentor International School where entire communication is taught in English.



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