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Martyrs’ Day Celebration To Pay Honour To Sacrifice..!

Why Should We Celebrate Martyrs’ Day !!

We celebrate Martyrs’ Day as an annual day to salute the martyrdom of soldiers who lost their lives defending the sovereignty of the nation. Our nation mark 30th January as Shaheed Diwas in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi following the memory of all patriotic persons who shed their breath for nation.

Citizens observe this day to pay homage to the victims who fought for the freedom, welfare and progress of the India and sacrificed their lives. We celebrate the proud day every year all over the country to pay tributes. India is the country among other 15 countries of the world where Martyrs’ Day is celebrated every year to pay homage to the freedom fighters.

Losing the Father of the Nation just after the hard-won independence under his leadership was the biggest misfortune for the country. He was killed in front of the big crowed came for the evening prayer. Bapu was the great person who had sacrificed his whole life in company with the lakhs of men and women for the India.

He was a great freedom fighter who taught the lesson of non-violence and worked on building the unity of the nation which was broken by the British.

On March 23, three extraordinary revolutionaries of the nation were hanged to death by the British. Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru & Sukhdev Thapar of India took a different path from Bapu but it was all for the welfare of the country.

How Indian Armed Forces Insures Nation With Diligence :

After independence to maintain the peace & love inside the country, military force always active on the boarder of our country. They pay their whole & soul to defense back while saving the land from violence from infiltration.

The Indian Army is the second largest army in the world & is a branch of Indian armed forces, specialized in operating on land.

The chief responsibilities of the Indian Army :-

  • Include National security and maintaining unity, protecting India from external and internal threats.
  • Maintaining peace and security within Indian borders, and also
  • They also conduct rescue operations during Natural Calamities & Disasters.
  • The Indian Army is responsible for high altitude and mountain warfare.

As a country we need to be thankful to Indian army for numerous reasons which is almost impossible to list down. They have made us proud on countless occasions, and have made umpteen sacrifices so that we can live in peace. Celebration of Martyr’s Day reminds us how they have protected India from within and without with dedication. The Indian Army has scrupulously remained apolitical to pull its chestnuts out of the fire time.

It has stood the test of time and has consistently upheld and protected the nation’s constitution with unflinching loyalty. There are lists of Army operations where the soldiers sacrifice their life to bring serenity for the motherland.

1971 Bangladesh Liberation War :

India overwhelmed Pakistani military, forcing its Eastern Command to surrender on 16 December 1971 in Dhaka. We contributed support for marking the formation of East Pakistan as the new nation of Bangladesh.

Our nation with its strategy managed to contain its losses at 2,000 men as against that of Pakistan at 6,000.

Kargil Vijay Diwas 1999 :

The Army declared, celebrating Kargil Vijay Diwas on the success of the mission “Operation Vijay” on July 26, 1999. Both sides loose approximately 1000 lives at the end of the Kargil combat.

The infiltrators positioned themselves in key locations that gave them a strategic advantage during the start of the conflict. Based on information from local shepherds, the Indian Army was able to ascertain the points of incursion and launch “Operation Vijay”.

Surgical Strike 2017 :

On 19th Sep 2017, four well trained and supremely guided terrorists – entered Uri Army camp at Kashmir. They attacked administrative block killing 19 soldiers of India. There has been spike in terror attacks. Indian Army has lost nearly 70 soldiers in Kashmir since the surgical strike.

The astute planning of the surgical strike and professional execution of the plan enhanced the positive public opinion about the Indian Army. Every year to restrict infiltration on the boarder of our country, brave sons relinquish their lives.

Pulwama Terror Attack & IAF LOC Strike 2019 :

On 14th Feb 2019 there was a terror attack on a bus of armed force in Pulwama district of Kashmir. The attack, which claimed the lives of 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel by a vehicle-borne suicidal bomber.

The IAF has struck the biggest training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Balakote and eliminated a large number of terrorists on 27th feb 2019. A large number of terrorists were eliminated with this pre-dawn, non-military & pre-emptive strike.

Lessons For Future Generation :

Soldiers return with some good & some scary experiences on their consciences which is the dark truth of any war. Veterans are keenly aware of the ethical damage of war and which they’ve instigated, each in their own way.

During the war while saving their mother land they always have to deal with physical, conceptual and moral breakdowns. We hats of to our soldiers in Martyrs’ Day to live such a miserable life for bringing peace to our nation. They share examples of unconditional love, affection, dedications as well as devotions which our future adults should learn.

  • War always brings severe Injury, Death & Panic.
  • It brings Great Loss of Lives, Sufferings & Disabilities.
  • Mission completion pay with incredible Prices & Risks to Life.
  • It also teach us Leadership, Team work & Transparency.
  • Martyrs edify young minds about Patriotism, Trust & Idealism.
  • Devotions towards Duty, Bravery, Presence Of Mind.
  • How to endure with Pain & Injuries with Patience.

Conclusion :

The Martyrs’ Day shows gratitude to the martyrs who sacrifice their lives for peace, security & prosperity of the country during the struggle to save our nation. The aftermaths of War is always diplomatic to answer. Though sometimes it is necessary to bring peace to the populations of the country, still cursed with great loss too.

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